RF-ITV Tracking Portal AMIS
AMIS RF-ITV Service Desk

Hours of operation: 24 hours/7 days per week
Email Support: usarmy.belvoir.peo-eis.mbx.amis-service-desk@mail.mil
Toll Free and DSN: 800-877-7925 (toll free from within the United States)

When contacting us with your question, please provide as many details about the problem and how to recreate it as possible. If it's an issue with something on this Web site provide the Web page title and what data you entered to get there. Also provide the name and version of the web browser that you're using. If it's an issue with other software, provide the product's title and version number. If it's an RFID device provide the model number. This will help us to more quickly determine what the problem is and help you resolve it.

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