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How to Access the RF-ITV Tracking Portal

Users can only log into the RF-ITV Tracking Portal with a DoD-issued Common Access Card (CAC).

What do I need for CAC authentication?

As well as your Common Access Card (CAC), to access the RF-ITV Tracking Web site using CAC you need to have (1) a smart card reader and associated software configured on your computer and (2) the current DoD root certificates loaded in your web browser. Note: when installing these certificates you will need Administrator level access on your computer. Both of these requirements are already provided with current Army Golden Master (AGM) configured computers. See your local System Administrator regarding AGM. Also, see the Army Knowledge Online (AKO) Web site for more information and downloads.

How to Get Help

Click here to contact a live support person: AMIS RF-ITV Service Desk

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